Deluxe camping and adventures

GlampStory Travel Project has been designed for those who go for outdoor activities and wild nature, but also prefer cozy lodging with a comfy bed during their travels.


Today GlampStory is the only one mobile glamping lodge, that travels around the peninsula with you.

Your expedition is meant

to be comfortable!

What if you’ve been caught out by bad weather when you are in Kamchatka? The right decision will be not to worry about some adjustments to your schedule, but to book a tent in the GlampStory hotel where the wilderness is just on the other side of your fabric tent wall.


Kamchatka strikes with something more than just a beautiful landscape, it’s a unique way of life.

Off-road and hiking/trekking tours to volcanoes, marine excursions with salt water fishing in the Pacific Ocean, helicopter tours to the Valley of Geysers and hot springs, bear watching at Kurile Lake, horse riding in the Dead Forest, surfing, kayaking, rafting and even a calm and relaxing stay at the volcanic black sand beach – and this is just a part of what you can do in Kamchatka!

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Multi-day tours

Multi-day Glamping tours